Happy Sunday to my fellow Unicorns of the Internet,

I haven't been able to sleep much lately. In fact, I'm up writing this hoping it will help.

Monty had been in our lives for 1 month and 2 days. In that short amount of time, he really fit in and became part of the family. He simply belonged. He was our Christmas Cat. He was very gentle, social, cuddly, and filled an empty space we had no idea was there. Having both a cat and a dog felt right, it felt complete. I had been starting work on illustrating dogs, but when Monty came around the experience of rescuing him inspired Toby and I to give back through the Enchanted Animals project. I was overjoyed when both he and Bullett would snuggle on the couch during a movie and at night. He knew he was home. He just wanted to be around us.

My heart is broken--I am devastated, shocked, sad, angry....we already lost him. He was only seven months old, and there was no warning. There was nothing we could do but say goodbye, and he looked up at us when we did. He knew we were there. He had this garbage virus that is terrible, shows no mercy or sign, and has no cure. He deserved so much better. It is completely unfair, and we love him and miss him so much, we had no idea how much of an impact he had already made on our lives in the short amount of time he was here. His life had just started after being with two different rescues, and he had no chance. No one could save him. I can only say that in his final month of life, he was home and he was loved. Finally.

This is from our "Meowmorial"...we shared  drinks  and told stories in his memory.

This is from our "Meowmorial"...we shared drinks and told stories in his memory.

He should have been here longer, but I thank him for the time he was here. Of course, we have every full intention to continue with the project. It's what you do, and now we can do it for Monty. I don't know what we will do with that empty space. I just hope we can continue to do our part and save the critters that deserve amazing homes. I'm not sure what we will do about the empty space, mostly because I can't bear to think about it. Never take the time with your animals for granted, love them everyday, give them the best life you can. I wish Monty could have been here to come home to after our wedding day, to take to our first home, to be there every night as long as he could have and should have. We will remember him as the softest little snuggler in a red bowtie. He was fond of ear scratches, glitter pom-pons, sushi, and taking naps.

We are trying to give back to Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin through merchandise bearing our dearly departed Monty's likeness. All profits from these sales will be given back to the rescue in honor of his memory. We are so thankful for this organization bringing him home to us, and saving the lives of so many other animals that need homes. You can find Monty merchandise in our shop.

Below are some photos of he and Bullett on his last weekend he was with us. The camera loved him.


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