Reflections and Resolutions

Hello Internet Friends,

Well, 2016 was the year that social media loved to hate. We lost many pop culture icons and my opinions aside, it was not a good year for politics. For myself, it was the year of FINALLY. After almost a decade of working the service industry and going back to school, I finally got my dream Graphic Design job. I'm not sure if I believe in fate or not, but where I am now feels like it. I work at an agency that focuses on social media marketing (something I've done as a freelancer since Facebook allowed it) where my clients are salon and beauty companies as well as one that produces professional animal grooming tools--just a few blocks away from my adorable, old apartment that I share with my fiancee, dog, cat and lizard in the charming, eclectic neighborhood of Willy Street.

I'm not trying to make this entry about myself, I just know that a New Year's blog is a thing that people do. With that, I'll just say 2016 was an awesome year full of amazing, positive changes where I learned and grew a lot. Upon reflecting on the past year, I should probably list some resolutions, huh?

  1. Make A Cinemagraph...or few. If you want to know what I'm talking about, visit this site.
  2. Focus on my shop. I have a shop through Society 6 in which I sell prints, housewares, apparel, and tech gear of my photographs and designs. I should really crank out some wildly awesome stuff that people will *hopefully* want to buy.
  3. Make More Art. Yes, I do this for a living, but I haven't touched my easel, paints, or colored pencils in a long time. I should make occasional time for this. After all, these are where my roots as a creative started.
  4. 365 Day Project. In April, I turn 30! My plan is to start the project on my birthday and take a photo with my DSLR every day of my 30th year. It's a milestone (I think) so why not document it.
  5. Challenge myself with more design and photography ideas. Try new things, learn new things, kick ass.
  6. Write a book with Toby. One of our aspirations for the Singular Fortean Society was to write a book. Toby (my fiancee) of course would write the copy and I would take the photos.
  7. Be More organized.
  8. Get better at time management.
  9. Be healthier.
  10. Be unafraid. I need to not allow myself to be held back, especially creatively.

2016 was the year I got engaged, started my career, and started the life I really wanted. I feel pretty damn good about it. In 2017, I can't wait to continue to grow as an artist, keep working my way up as a designer and photographer, and marry the love of my life and spend the rest of it with him and our furry creatures. 

On to more adventures, large and small.


The Girl in the Unicorn Pajamas


PS: Here are some of my personal photos from the last year. Enjoy!


Emily Wayland