Hello, Eowyn

Happy Sunday,

Monty's passing is still super sad for us. We miss him, and always will. Bullett began looking to the recliner chair where Monty's pillow throne used to sit; and while I'm not certain of his ability as a dog to understand the situation, I couldn't help but wonder if he knew that quiet grey furball was actually gone. It is impossible to forget him or to replace him, but we felt it was time to open our home and our hearts to welcoming another little soul into our family.

A week ago, we woke up and went to Glass Nickel pizza and ordered bloody marys and mimosas. Ordering breakfast cocktails at a pizza place might sound odd, but we were across the street from Underdog Pet Rescue and were anxiously awaiting its open. We had adopted Monty from here, and they are one of the rescues that works with us for the Enchanted Animals project.

We met a litter of extremely social and active kittens accompanied by their foster mom. They were just about 8 weeks old. One was charcoal-colored and more independent. One was buff colored with little white socks. The other three were all orange, one more fur than cat...right away the little one with subtle stripes approached us first. She was the only female of the litter, and a rarity indeed. Only 1/10 female cats are the color orange. Orange was the preferred shade of feline to the vikings, although no one really knows why. We knew she was ours, and I think she knew that too, somehow. We brought her home that very day. We called her Eowyn, the slayer of the witch king in J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Eowyn is just a delight in so many ways. Naturally, much of that comes with being an adorable, tiny kitten; but she and Bullett took to each other right away--and seeing them play, be silly, interact with each other, and taking naps side-by-side melts me. She does her fair share of exploring the house and running around like a wild thing, but she always wants to be by us. There has not been a day since we brought her home where we haven't found her sleeping in-between us when we wake up. She is sweet, silly, social, friendly, and the perfect match for our family. I'm very grateful she came into our lives.

I am someone that believes everything happens for a reason. Last night I pondered what Monty's purpose was as he was only with us for a short time. Toby brought up a good point: "Perhaps it isn't about what his purpose was to us, but instead that we were meant to come into his life."  We always look at purpose from our own perspective, but it's just possible that we were meant to help Monty, and not the other way around.

Life is a mystery, but I don't have a doubt that our pets are meant to be with us. Welcome to the family, little girl. It's only been a week but you've already made our hearts so full.


The Girl in the Unicorn Pajamas

PS: The photos below are some that I took of Eowyn during her first week with us! For more, follow this little fuzzball on Instagram: @eowyntheorange

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