Enchanted Animal: CJ

CJ is a sweet 10-year-old poodle mix up for adoption through Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin. He cannot see, but that doesn't keep him from living a full, rich life! He recently was a very good boy at the groomers--his soft, fluffy coat naturally needs regular grooming. He deserves it, though. All he needs now is a good home.

Let this lovable luck dragon accompany you on your own never-ending story.

CJ gets along with other dogs, cats, and children and is definitely a lap dog, and a loyal sidekick who stays close when out on the town. He can be a bit startled by new guests and gives a little bark, so an apartment setting may not be ideal for him. Interested in adopting this sweet little guy? Visit his adoption page and apply for him through Underdog's website (linked above).

Emily WaylandComment