Enchanted Animal: Trinket

Trinket is a handsome 2.5 year old black cat available for adoption at Bay Area Humane Society! He came into the shelter as a stray and was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia Virus. Despite his diagnosis, his condition is managed and he is living a normal life! He is a fighter (and cuddle-monster) who doesn't let his FeLv get him down! He can only be housed with other cats who have FeLv, dogs, or small animals--there's a home for everyone, and he is on the adventure to find his!

Having the Feline Leukemia virus makes the road little warrior Trinket and his trusty steed Tesco ride a lonely one, but the right human could change all that. Will you take up arms and escort this brave knight on his next adventure?

If you are interested in adopting adorable Trinket (look at those cheeks!) please apply and visit him at the Bay Area Humane Society (linked above). You can find more information about this furry guy here.

Emily WaylandComment