Enchanted Animal: Pirate

Pirate, appropriately named for the patch on his eye, is an energetic rascal of a mutt that is waiting for his forever home at the Bay Area Humane Society. He is a year old so he's still very much a puppy, and he loves going for long walks, runs, and would rather play over anything else. Rope toys are his favorite, and he will gladly tug as if he was pulling up the mainsails on his pirate ship.

This swashbuckling scoundrel would love to lead you to buried treasure, as long you've got an adventurous spirit.

Due to his youthful energy, Pirate would to best to settle with a crew that would be willing to take the time to go on long adventures and train him in the ways of manners of society beyond being a swashbuckling scoundrel. You can visit his adoption page here and you can apply for him at Bay Area Humane Society's website (linked above).

Emily WaylandComment