Enchanted Animal: Bandit

Bandit is a 10-year-old Anatolian Shepherd/Labrador mix that has been fostered by Fetch Wisconsin Rescue since September 2014. He was pulled from a shelter in Indiana, and likely had a rough start to life by the telling scars on his face and the fact that he was 30 pounds underweight. He started out as a very fearful pup with behavioral issues such as food guarding, being afraid of hands, and stranger danger. The rescue and his foster family worked with him and he overcame all obstacles and is ready for the next leg in his adventure.

Welcome aboard your new first mate, Bandit, and set sail for adventure!

Bandit loves baby carrots, air-conditioning, earthworms to snack on, oil rubs, and nightly walks where he can listen for owls. He has been looking for his forever home for a long time--almost two years. Will you help this sweet dog finally reach the destination on his very long voyage and continue on other adventures? Apply at Fetch WI's website (linked above) and for more information--including updates from his foster home--please visit his adoption page.

Emily WaylandComment