Enchanted Animal: Missy

Missy is a spaniel mix currently up for adoption through Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin.  Her owner tragically died, and she was rescued by kind people who eventually brought her to Underdog. Her owner spoiled her so much that this furry little pooch was fed table scraps and is overweight. Through Underdog, she is on the path to being healthy and losing weight. She wants to play fetch SO BAD but can only get so far. She's a magical little pup, who deserves a loving home that can help her get as healthy and active as she so desperately wants to be.

This purple fairy pup would love to romp with you through a field of flowers, all the way to her forever home.

Missy would do best in a home as the only dog or where other pets are gentle and quiet. She is great with kids, and through a proper diet and exercise, soon going up and down the stairs will become second nature, and she will be the happy, frisky dog that she is inside. Are you up to giving this sweet fluffball a forever home in your family? You can apply for her at Underdog's website (linked above) and please visit her adoption page here.

Emily WaylandComment