Enchanted Animal: Piggie

Piggie is a young orange tabby cat that was rescued as a baby kitten by Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin. He still has plenty of kitten left in him, so you can look forward to helping him grow into exactly what you've always wanted. He lives to the fullest by showing the world how fun life really is. He loves playing with toys and running about, but he also enjoys being around people.

If you've been waiting until pigs fly to adopt a cat, then now's your chance!

Although it is not proven, studies have shown that perhaps a cat's coat corresponds to its personality traits. Orange cats have a reputation for being mellow and friendly, and the vikings preferred them, although no one understands why. Perhaps it is because orange cats are amazing, and little Piggie is no exception. Interested in adopting this sweet ball of energy? Apply to adopt him at Underdog's website (linked above) and visit his adoption page for more information.

Emily WaylandComment