Enchanted Animal: Ross

I personally met Ross when we went to go meet the first cat we adopted through Underdog Pet Rescue. Though shy, his eyes watched the pole toy very intently as I attempted to play with the nervous kittens, and I remembered how beautiful and owl-like his eyes were. He was named for Ross Gellar on the hit 90's sitcom Friends as was the rest of his litter. He is currently in a foster home and though he is shy, he loves playing and wrestling with the other cats there.

Will you let this shy paleontologist join your group of friends?

Ross would do well in an understanding home with other cats he can play with as well as owners who will nurture his independence and let him call the shots when it comes to attention. The rest of his litter found their home, and now it is this patient guy's turn! You can visit Ross' adoption page here and apply to adopt him through Underdog's website (linked above).

"He will be there for you..." (You know the theme song was in your head when you started reading this blog post)

Emily WaylandComment