Enchanted Animal: Winter

Winter is a beautiful, young white cat with stunning green-gold eyes available for adoption through Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin. She initially came to the rescue as a mother with a litter of kittens named for the cold season after their mom. They have all found homes, and Winter did as a solo cat for a little while...but it wasn't the right fit. This arctic aristocrat has no fear and has gone back out there to find her snowy kingdom.

She may be a snow princess, but Winter is sure to melt your heart.

Winter is still young and has a lot of energy, so it is strongly recommended that she go to a home where she has other cat friends to play with and/or a lot of human attention. She's an outgoing princess, so she likes to be where the action is! You can apply to adopt her through Underdog's website (linked above) and visit her adoption page for more information.

Emily WaylandComment