Enchanted Animal: Danaerys

After a month hiatus, it is great to be back illustrating adoptable pets again. This time, we have a community, and although we are just getting started--I know this will grow into something great.

For my return, I'd like to introduce you to Danaerys the cat hailing from Bay Area Humane Society. She is a year old, and a vibrant spirit who loves to play and jump around in high places. Her best friend at the shelter is fellow Enchanted Animal Brite. It is known that she has the softest fur, and when she's done with her adventures for the day, she loves a warm lap to curl up on. Danaerys is a special lady though as she has been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia Virus. If she is adopted she has to be an only cat or live with a cat who already has FeLv.

Feline Leukemia won't stop this mother of dragons from conquering Westeros, or your heart.

This strong, brave dragon queen is available for adoption through Bay Area Humane Society and you can apply to adopt her through their website (linked above). Please feel free to visit her adoption page for more information.

Emily WaylandComment