Bullett ate Advil....

....and it wasn't good.

The last week of August was a roller coaster of emotions and energy that tested our sanity. We arrived home from work Tuesday, August 31st to a bedroom covered in puddles of dog vomit, and an empty, chewed up bottle that once contained ibuprofen. Luck was not on our side, the bottle had been forgotten on the dresser just from the night before (it is otherwise always kept safe in our medicine cabinet) and Eowyn must have knocked it off which made it accessible to our dog who loves to chew little plastic things.

There was a trip to the Emergency Room, an overnight stay in the hospital, 4 different pills multiple times a day, two rounds of subcutaneous fluids per day, tears, guilt, worries, fears, nightmares, and desperate searches for any sign of hope.

We learned that dogs absorb drugs like Ibuprofen much faster than humans do, and can re-absorb in their system for up to 72 hours after ingestion. It is incredibly toxic to our canine companions and can damage their stomach lining causing ulcers, and damage to their liver and kidneys. Bullett left the hospital with his creatinine levels at 4.2 indicating 60-70% loss of kidney function.

Tuesday, September 5th is the anniversary of our first date and Bullett's adoption day. Our boy went to the vet to see where his levels were at this day, and the best gift we could have possibly received was learning that his levels were down to 1.9...his kidneys are recovering and he is going to be okay!

His spirits stayed with him while he was sick, and they came back a little bit every day. Our silly, sweet, spirited boy fought like hell with us and we are so happy he is here.

We're telling our story because the one thing we needed the most while going through this was the thing that was in the shortest supply--hope.  And if we can help even one family hang in there, knowing that so many sources will only be giving them the worst case scenario, then that's exactly what we'll do.  Bullett got better, and your dog can, too.