The 10 Best Podcasts for Creative Hustlers in 2018


I listen to podcasts way more often than I do music. I love being able to be enlightened through earbuds while doing my own day-to-day work, whether it be at the office or cooking and cleaning at home. Last year, I found many new podcasts to become inspired by--to a point where I have difficulty keeping up with them--and I think that’s a good thing.

Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur or side-hustler like myself, I strongly recommend subscribing to any of these podcasts. If you’re not much of a podcaster, picking a few of these to start with will be a great introduction to your future podcast-junkie habits.

  1. Goaldigger Podcast: Local to Wisconsin, Jenna Kutcher started out as a Corporate drop-out Wedding Photographer, and has now become a powerhouse female entrepreneur that not only takes pictures, but offers online classes, educational products, and more--I don’t even know where to begin with how much this woman has going on. Her vibe and voice is warm, friendly, easy-going, and smart which makes her easy to listen to.

  2. 99% Invisible: If you’ve ever wondered how the daily design and thought behind everyday, overlooked things came to be--give this show a listen. It gives a great reminder to take a look a the world around you and remember that someone, somewhere, sometime created that everyday object that barely anyone thinks about.

  3. The Amber Lilyestrom Show: I discovered this podcast from listening to Amber being interviewed by Jenna Kutcher on the Goaldigger podcast, and her show is easily in my top five. Amber is an extremely positive, smart, and motivated coach and marketer that works from home and wants to help other independent minds build their dreams. Of all podcasters I listen to, she’s the one I feel as though I have gotten to know the most through her honesty, transparency, and kindness. She is extremely active on Instagram Stories, and this helps keep her followers connected and inspired.

  4. How I Built This: Stories all about how fabulously successful projects, businesses, and people came to be from their humble beginnings and how they grew. For anyone who is trying to build a business from the ground up, this podcast is extremely inspiring and motivating. It is also extremely interesting to hear about how the interviewees got started, as we typically only know them for their current success and fame.

  5. Heart, Soul, & Hustle: Zach Spuckler is an online strategist that specializes in coaching online businesses through social media and live streaming. He gives amazing advice when it comes to running your business online, how to convert people to your website and store though social media, copywriting for the internet, online courses, and more. Zach quit his job and dropped out of school to grow a seven-figure empire helping other high-earning online entrepreneurs make a five-figure income. From a guy who became an entrepreneur in order to spend more time with his dogs, I understand his drive and admire his success.

  6. The Accidental Creative: This podcast has been around since late 2005, and offers helpful advice for creatives on entrepreneurship, freelancing, workflow, time management, business management, and more.

  7. Wear, Wag, Repeat Podcast: If you’re all about entrepreneurship and dogs, this amazing podcast will likely become your favorite. This series is hosted by Tori Mistick, who has created a career for herself by working from home aside her dog, Lucy. She interviews other entrepreneurs who have focused their businesses on their canine companions, and discusses how they got started, where they are now, and their goals for the future.

  8. The Femtrepreneur Show: This is a show for people who want to make money selling online courses. Hosted by Mariah Coz and Megan Minns, this podcast has helpful episodes such as 10 Essential Blog Post Topics, Blogging Tips for Businesses, Passive Income Streams, and more. These women are brilliant, yet blunt and get to the point when it comes to offering their ideas and advice.

  9. Creative Pep Talk: Hosted by Andy J. Miller, this podcast helps you build a thriving creative career. If you have trouble finding the balance between art and business, then this show is perfect through you. Andy discusses these topics through humor, personal stories, interviews, and silly analogies which results in advice delivered in a light, relatable, and approachable manner for creatives who don’t know where to start in their career path. Andy has a background in graphic design and is a full-time freelance illustrator that has done work for Nickelodeon, Google, Smart Car, Converse, Oreo, and more.

  10. The Unmistakable Creative: If you are a creative that feels blocked, stuck in life, or wants to find a greater meaning and growth to their work and career. We all know we’ve been there, and it can happen more than once in our lifetime. This podcast is extremely real and authentic, interviewing other creatives that open up at a personal level with their stories that are inspiring and thought-provoking.

I like podcasts because I’m a workaholic whose brain is constantly on fire with ideas, and I have an endless drive to continue learning and become inspired. For the most part, I work from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, and you can be certain that I am listening to a podcast at every opportunity. Call me a huge nerd, but a lot of the time I prefer binging podcasts over binging TV shows on Netflix.

So make a cup of coffee, put on your earbuds, subscribe and listen to any of the above. I promise you will feel wildly inspired and motivated for your next creative endeavor, whatever that might be.


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