Leah & Alex’s Rad Isthmus Engagement Session - October, 2018 (Madison, Wisconsin)

Leah and Alex are as colorful and creative as Madison’s Isthmus, so it’s only fitting that they’re getting married in nearby Olbrich Gardens. Their shared passion for animal rescue has led to their family including two adorable dogs named Donnie and Stevie, but that’s not all they have in common--they met after realizing how many mutual friends they had on Facebook. After the duo’s millennial meet-cute on social media, Leah and Alex met for the first time in real-life at another shared interest: an Our Lady concert.

Their immediate connection led to a romance to last a lifetime, and the two knew that they wanted their adventures to be forever; so they decided to get engaged. Alex’s mom provided im with his grandmother’s wedding and engagement rings for him to hang on to, and when the time was right, he took them to get polished and resized; proposing to Leah on the way back to the car.

This couple is as laid back and relaxed as they sound, and you can often find them hanging out on Mickey’s patio when its warm enough, which made it a natural location for their engagement shoot. Eclectic Willy Street matched their vibe too well not to use its many unique backdrops, so you’ll also find a few local favorite murals in the shoot. Alex and Leah become husband and wife in June of 2019, and we wish them and their wonderful fur-family a hearty congratulations!