Eight Things Only Cat Owners Understand


Eowyn is an awesome cat, but she isn’t without her flaws. I’ve learned to laugh at many of them, but there are some things she does that drives us insane and are an ongoing battle: such as her relentlessness to get onto surfaces she’s not supposed to, trying to eat our dinners, and playing with things that aren’t toys. Many of you cat owners can relate, I’m sure.

  1. Nothing is safe: Whether you are home or not, your cat is getting up on that counter and every object up there is a free for all. Forget lining up your trinkets and knick knacks neatly, they will end up as cat toys, on the floor, and perhaps broken.

  2. You’re unphased by cat butt in your face: It means they like you...which is such a weird thing to us humans. It’s disgusting at first, but you learn to ignore it. Whatcha gonna do?

  3. Everything is a toy: The toys you buy them, and everything else you own will be played with.

  4. Your cat will dash around the house as if they’ve gone insane...to the point where you aren’t phased by this either. They’re just doing that thing they do, whatever.

  5. If it fits they sits: Cats are basically liquid and have this odd drive to sit on and melt into whatever object they wish to conquer and own; such as boxes smaller than they are, and your laptop keyboard.

  6. Mealtime is serious business: When your cat is hungry, or they know it’s meal time, they will be sure to let you know! Kitties, we hear you loud and clear, so shut up already!?

  7. Your furniture has some wear and tear whether it is covered in hair or used as a scratching post. This is why we cannot have nice things.

  8. Love is on their terms. Snuggles, hugs, pets, and belly rubs have to be their idea...or else.

Ironically enough, many of these above facts are why we love our cats. Their sass is endearing, in a way. I would be lying if I said I didn’t laugh after Eowyn gets up onto somewhere ridiculous, finds something weird to play with, demands to roll around on our yoga mats when we’re trying to use them, or when she decides to parkour off our furniture and us. She gives us a lot of love, and all her shenanigans are worth it in the end.


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