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I recently started a new job, and I knew that my dog with separation anxiety might have a rough time with the sudden change of pace. To help ease this transition, I headed over to our local pet store Mad Cat, got Bullett some bully sticks, and tried out a new product at the recommendation of the super friendly and helpful staff.

I’ve always appreciated how Mad Cat is willing to handle returns and exchanges if your pet doesn’t care for what you purchase. We weren’t sure if Bullett would take to the Benebone they recommended to us, but to our surprise he seemed to enjoy it.

Benebones are super-strong chew toys made from nylon and food grade bacon, chicken, and peanuts. Products are made in the USA, use no artificial flavors or chemicals, and are made to withstand general wear and tear from even the most powerful chewers. The company was founded as a small family business, is honest about every fact about their products, and commit to animal welfare through product donations and being involved in the dog community. To learn more about this company, products, and its efforts, please do visit their blog and safety page Bullett and I would never review a product or company we couldn’t stand behind.


Benebones come as wishbones, pawplexers (you can incorporate a toy or a treat), and dental chews. We got Bullett the classic wishbone style flavored in Bacon as it is his favorite flavor. Bullett definitely uses chewing to occupy himself while we are away and uses it as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. He has a tendency to chew things he is not supposed to from time-to-time. In the two weeks we’ve been giving him the Benebone, we definitely see some very noticeable wear and tear on the bone itself. The bone is not completely destroyed, but Bullett is definitely making use of it. Bullett doesn’t typically chew on his regular bones, but since this product is flavored he is drawn to it again and again.

This blog is not sponsored by Benebone. We only want to share our positive experiences with other dog owners. Bullett and I definitely recommend this product--especially if your dog is a chewer and uses chewing as a coping mechanism when dealing with stress and anxiety.


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