Cats of Madison: October Cat Walk

My entire Instagram feed is full of adorable animals--there basically isn’t a pet account I won’t follow. As an avid Instagrammer, one of my personal favorite accounts is @cats_of_madison--a locally curated Instagram of photos of area felines submitted by their owners as well as photos documented by the account’s creator Jason Nolen from his strolls about the neighborhood and the cats he’s gotten to know.

I was fortunate enough to join this social media guru on one of these “cat walks” and met a few kitty-cat neighbors that I had yet to introduce myself to. It was a Monday afternoon, so we only saw three cat friends that day--according to Nolen, the weekends around 10 am/11 on nice days are better for spotting cats as they are home with their owners.

We first connected with Bear, a shy grey cat with stunning green eyes that takes his time to warm up to new friends--you can tell he is curious and interested, though. Once he trusts you, you are officially one of his best friends.

The next cat was the outgoing, vocal Maizee. This extroverted tabby is a lover, and her ever-trusting, sweet, limelight-loving nature will have her wind up on a friendly stranger’s lap. It’s nearly impossible to leave. Just don’t tell her you’re intending to give attention to other cats.

The last cat we saw is a new face, according to Nolen. A perpetually small grey tabby with large eyes and a curious demeanor was on a local rooftop, but ventured down the fire escape to see what we were about. We are glad, for his or her own safety, that this kitty did not try to venture from the rooftop.

Please check out @cats_of_madison on Instagram and follow for the cutest Madison area kitty cats that will surely bring smiles every time one shows up as you’re swiping through your feed.

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