Four Places Where Creatives can "Set up Shop" Online


Are you a maker or creative and finally want to take the plunge and sell your creations online? Have you always thought about it and are not sure where to start? Thankfully, the vast world of the interwebs offers many places where you can go to do so. Of course, I strongly encourage that you do your own research and find your own way, but in case “the struggle is real” are five websites that I know of that I think are great options for many different types of creatives.


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Ah yes, this one might be the most obvious option. We’ve all bought something from here, and if you haven’t--check it out and say goodbye to the money in your wallet. You only pay .20 per listing every month, and can sell practically anything handmade that you wish. You have control over shop categories, pricing, and fulfillment. Etsy also does a great job of helping you understand what you need to do come tax season.


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I personally use Society 6 for my shop, and I’ve had a great experience working with them. You upload your artwork and can have it available on a variety of products such as art prints, tech gear, apparel, mugs, clocks, bathroom decor, pillows, and more. Your profit margin is not as excellent as Etsy’s, although I am all about their high-quality products and I love that they do the order fulfillment for you. There is no limitation on how many products you can sell, nor is there a fee to have a shop.


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Creative Market

Raise your hand if you go on Creative Market every monday for the free downloadable goodies! I sure do, and it is also a great place for creatives to sell digital tools for other creatives such as photoshop and lightroom actions, vector sets, stock photos, InDesign templates and more. You do have to submit your website for approval to open a shop, as Creative Market prefers that its sellers are active. You have control over pricing (CM takes 30% commission), and since everything is digital, fulfillment is instant and handled by the website.


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Big Cartel

Big Cartel is very similar to Creative Market in terms of setting your own prices, but you pay a monthly plan based on how many products you want to have in your storefront. If you only sell up to 5 products, your plan is free. Their highest-priced plan is $30 for 300 products. You can sell both digital and physical products.

Do I think you should take the plunge and open shop? HELL YES! Did you know that there are even more options for e-commerce out there aside from these four? Of course there are, the internet is a huge place chock full of endless possibilities (aside from ending Net Neutrality...but I digress). Check out the options above, find other shops and see what they sell and how they sell it, and do your homework and do a lot of research so you can find the best option for you.  Society 6 works great for me in what I want to sell and my lifestyle right now, but that may change or I may add another shop someday. Who knows? Signing up for your shop is just the first to your wonderful career as a creative entrepreneur or side-hustler. Putting yourself out there is the first thing.

Anyways, good luck to you!



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