Bullett's Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs (2017)


Shopping for Bullett and Eowyn isn’t exactly difficult in comparison to the humans I shop for. Each of them have their favorite things, and they make it pretty easy on me. I would say this is true for most pet owners, but in case you are a first-time dog owner or looking to try some new things with your dog, Bullett helped me put together this holiday gift guide. These are a few of his favorites as well as some things we think most dogs would like. Every dog is different, you know your dog best, and maybe this will spark some fun, holiday gift ideas for your pup.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals

These little treats are awesome--especially for training. Bullett is partial to the chicken and wild rabbit flavors, but they also have duck, beef, salmon, peanut butter as well as other versions of these treats such as Jerky Bites, Lil’Links, Super Greens, and Hip Action. We’ve had to practice “leave it” and “look at me” commands while out walking lately and these help him remember and practice what he has learned.

RuffWear Front-Wearing Harness

If you have a dog that walks ahead and pulls on their leash, this is an awesome harness to have. It’s well-made, built to last, and is perfect for hiking. If it was up to Bullett and he was capable, this entire gift guide would be food, but I think he prefers to be walked on a harness over his collar, especially because it avoids any strain on his neck while out walking on leash.

Elk Jerky

Bullett discovered his love for these treats one day while we were walking and happened to be in stride with a MadCat employee. Bullett knew something delicious was in her pockets, and he was right--he got a random gift of Elk Jerky. He is a very food-motivated dog so there are not many things he dislikes, but he acts like an excited child doing a pee-pee dance when we bring these home. He can barely contain himself--it’s up there with bacon. It’s our go-to treat when there’s a special occasion or we’re going to leave him at home with Eowyn for a while. We get these locally at MadCat, but you can also get them on Amazon.

Kong Extreme Large

Once in awhile we mix pumpkin puree and peanut butter and freeze it in a kong for a nice treat to keep Bullett occupied. If your dog is a power-chewer, this one is built to withstand the power of their jaws.

Geopetric PlayDay Cooling Bandana

Get 20% off Geopetric with the code: BULLET&EOWYN

Get 20% off Geopetric with the code: BULLET&EOWYN

Okay, I know we post a lot about Geopetric, but this company has become one of our favorites and we love how well-made the products are and we especially love how they give back 10% of each order to various rescue organizations. It’s cold out right now, but in warmer weather we soak this bandana in water and tie it around Bullett’s neck to help keep him cool outside, especially since he is a double-coated dog.

Side note: We recently got a martingale collar from Geopetric and can’t wait until it arrives! It will be so great for training, walks around the neighborhood, or places where there are more people around. Of course we will blog about it. ;-)

We hope that this holiday season treats you and your pup well, and that Santa Paws delivers. We also hope your dog doesn’t find where his presents are hidden, thus resulting in a premature holiday snack.

Happy Holidays,

The Girl in the Unicorn Pajamas & Bullett