Enchanted Animal: Cassidy


Meet Cassidy! This 4 year old, 55 lb. sweetheart and snuggler-extraordinaire joined Underdog Pet Rescue December 1st after being in an Ohio shelter for over a month with no interest. She may have been used for breeding, which makes sense because she is a gorgeous girl with a silvery chocolate coat. This velveteen, baby-faced hippo loves snuggle time on the couch. She's pretty low key, although she is a diva with other dogs. This queen will require low-key introductions with dogs who will be the subjects in her kingdom.  Are you looking for a canine queen to help rule over your couch?

(Click through the above images to see more Cassidy!)

You can adopt Cassidy through Underdog Pet Rescue. Check out her Petfinder page here.


A note from Cassidy’s foster:

Fostering is always a bit of an adventure. Each dog has their own history and personality, jiving differently with my own dogs. It can take time and patience for foster dogs to figure out where they fit in with the family. It's fun to watch them gain confidence, learn new tricks and see their personalities shine.
I don't mind fostering the bully breeds that might take longer to find forever homes. I figure it saves the dog’s life plus however many more were able to use that spot in the shelter until they found rescue or were adopted.
Is it hard to let them go? Of course!! It’s bittersweet, and I think of myself as a halfway house. I provide safe shelter, nutritious food and water, vet care (paid for by the rescue), daily routine and structure, socialization, love and snuggles, and sometimes flowers in their hair! All of this helps me get to know the foster dog in order to find a good match for a forever home. This way, I can send them off with a piece of my heart knowing that their life will now be great - usually in ways so much better than I could've personally provided. I usually get updates to see them in their new wonderful lives and that warms my heart.
Of course, we are then we are on to the next one because there are so many dogs in need of rescue and foster.

To learn more about fostering email bonnie@Underdogpetrescue.org or fill out a foster application on Underdog's website.