Eowyn's 1st Adoption Day Anniversary


Loss is weird. Grief is weird. Last month, I wrote about all the sad details of our short time with our cat Monty last winter, and it was only weeks after he passed away that we brought home a tiny orange kitten that was only eight weeks old and weighed under two pounds. Now, she’s an adult cat (yikes) and weighs about seven pounds.

Eowyn on her way to her forever home (with us)

Eowyn on her way to her forever home (with us)

It is true, the path of losing Monty brought us our Eowyn. I don’t like to think about it that way, though. Regardless, one year has passed since we brought her home and every time a pet’s Adoption Day rolls around, I always like to celebrate and reflect.

Eowyn integrated into our family almost instantly, becoming a best friend and playmate for our goofy dog--they are truly two of a kind. Bullett’s nose met hers as soon as we walked through the door with her in her crate for the first time. We assumed that since they had already met, we would simply let the kitten out of her crate to see what would happen. They played with each other in an instant--her tiny paw would bat his nose and he would gently put his mouth on her and give her giant puppy kisses. This continues to this day, although they rough-house more, and cuddle less like older siblings would. Still, their interactions have always been the sweetest and it warms my heart every day.

They were instant friends!

They were instant friends!

Our special is kitty (only 10% of orange cats are female) is extremely happy, social, friendly, outgoing, confident, and playful. When we have guests over, she greets them instantly and oftentimes by perching on their shoulder to say hello. She thinks of everything as a toy and will find some way to play with it, and after she wears herself out she looks for a lap to snuggle on while she purrs away. She wants to be where we are, and doesn’t like being alone--even when we have to put her in our bedroom for a little while so we can eat dinner. She is such a foodie that she will climb up your arm and try to take food right from your mouth--especially if your meal contains cheese.

I’m so glad this happy, joyful little girl is home to give us so much love and make us smile. Here’s to many years of such wonderful memories with our favorite feline as we all continue on this crazy adventure together we call life.

Cheers to orange kitties,

~The Girl in the Unicorn Pajamas

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