Geopetric Martingale Collar Product Review


Bullett is a good boy, but he struggles when it comes to seeing other dogs and marking constantly while on walks. We’ve worked on commands such as “leave it” and “look at me” that work pretty well and he takes to--but if he’s distracted it’s really difficult to regain his focus and get his attention back to you and the walk.

I began considering products to pair with his training. He almost needed a “tap on the shoulder” along with voice commands and positive reinforcement. It didn’t take me long to decide to try a martingale from one of our favorite companies: Geopetric. I chose the martingale in the Retro style and started working with it on our daily, morning walks.

Dogs will never be perfect, but I notice the difference in Bullett when using this collar. Bullett knows that when the collar tenses and I voice a command, then he is to focus and listen to me. I love that this collar does not put stress on his neck and potentially harm him like a normal collar when he pulls on the lead.


Martingales are a great training tool and work very well for dogs who have a tendency to pull at the leash. Martingale collars provide control over the animal without the choking effect that can happen with standard buckle and slip collars. These collars are made with two loops: the first, larger loop goes around the dog’s neck and the second, smaller loop clips to a lead. When a dog tries to pull, the collar gradually tightens with the dog’s movement as the small loop pulls taught. Properly fitted, the collar is loose and comfortable when the dog doesn’t pull.

Some martingales have a chain loop, but Geopetric’s has a fabric material that is the same as the rest of the collar. With any product, be sure to research how to use it properly for your dog’s safety as well as your own. Martingale collars are not meant to be left on dogs 24/7 and should never be left on a dog while unattended.


Bullett can get you 20% off Geopetric’s high-quality, vegan, and cruelty pet products if you use the code BULLET&EOWYN at checkout. All products are extremely well-made in the USA and 10% of every order goes back to rescue animals like Bullett.


~The Girl in the Unicorn Pajamas & Bullett

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