Honeymoon Hike

One of our favorite things to do is take our dog, Bullett, hiking. In fact, he may enjoy it more than us. Yesterday we embarked on a small adventure at Madison's Lake View Hill Park. This small patch of forest sits atop a large hill on Madison's north side. From 1930 until 1966 the large building looming nearby on the hill served as a Tuberculosis Sanatorium (now the Dane County Health and Human Services building). The nearby cemetery and the woods behind the facility are reportedly haunted.

This was our first time taking Bullett there, and we were looking to take a nice family hike rather than search for signs of the supernatural. It was a beautiful day, and the photographs below don't do it justice.

Bullett is wearing his brand new Ruffwear Harness that is perfect for hiking as well as his bandana from Geopetric to keep those pesky burrs and ticks at bay (of course he uses Frontline).

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