Pets on the Internet (and as Influencers)


I’m a pet owner who has taken the plunge and put her pets out there on social media. What started as a fun place to dump all photos of my adorable animals eventually turned into a desire for their presence on social media to be something more.

I started taking this endeavor more seriously when a recruiter from Geopetric asked us to become Social Media Affiliates. I had never heard of this company before, so I took a look and found their products to be unique and attractive as well as ethical. If there is ever a way to support rescue animals, then you know that you have my full and undivided attention. We started the program, and it quickly turned into a fun creative project for me. Bullett and Eowyn wear their products around all the time and I make sure I have my camera around to capture any moment with a chance to tag Geopetric.

By the way, you can earn 20% off your order at with the code BULLET&EOWYN. Just putting that out there.


We’d been Affiliates for about a month or so and it definitely had gotten me thinking that I’d like for them to take on more brands at some point. Pets and Animal rescue are a huge part of who I am and the brand I’ve established for myself, so why not combine my love of photography, marketing, and blogging with my animals and partner them with companies we can stand behind and help promote and benefit from as well?

As far as other brands we’d like to work with, we are open minded. Ideally we would like to support small businesses such as Etsy shops that sell homemade and handmade pet products as well as companies that are ethical, sell products of good quality, and perhaps support animal rescue.

I also began to think about the Instagram-famous dogs and why people like them. Many of them don’t do much more than pose in funny costumes and look adorable. Which is totally fine, but I think that sometimes this can cause animals and breeds to be trendy, and people might be bringing these animals home just because they thought they were cute.

Does anyone remember the slow loris? They’re adorable, and you should watch this video and see how adorable it is...but it is a wild animal--not a pet.



The popularity of this animal on the internet caused their species to become desired as pets which resulted in capture and sales in the wildlife trade and black market. This is true for many species of animal. Remember the trend of pet foxes, everyone?

This can happen with breeds of dogs, as well. Huskies are beautiful dogs, but they are also bred for a job and require a lot of maintenance, care, and exercise that many people find they cannot provide because they don’t have the schedule or lifestyle for it, and it’s too late sometimes before they realize this is not the right pet for them.

There are so many awesome animals bred to be domestic that need homes! Really think about whether or not you should be a pet owner, and if you can be, do your research and find one that is right for you, not because you saw one on the internet and thought it was cute.

I want Bullett & Eowyn’s presence to stand behind animal rescue and tell the truths of pet ownership. They are adorable, wonderful animals...but they are animals. It takes Bullett 45 minutes to find a great spot to poop in the morning sometimes. I have to get going to work, but I don’t want my dog to poop in the house, either. Eowyn also is the worst when it comes to begging for food. We had company over once, and she knocked an entire pan of homemade brownies onto the floor, ruining them (no she didn’t eat any)...which sucks. It really sucks. We just want to be real about our experiences and what pet ownership is like. Absolutely give a pet a home if you can, but just remember these are animals. They’re more than being cute.

If by chance you work for such a company or sell your own products that fit our criteria, please reach out to us at’d love to hear more and possibly work with you!

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