Benebone Pawplexer Product Review

This post is not sponsored by Benebone.

This post is not sponsored by Benebone.

We are a huge fan of Benebones. It is the one chew that Bullett has managed to use consistently. His last Benebone (bacon flavored, as it is his favorite) was starting to look like an indistinguishable, brown lump--which meant it was time for a new one, since they can become a choking hazard. I had been interested in trying out the Benebone Pawplexer, and MadCat had yet to sell one--so I figured I’d try it out.


The Pawplexer is made out of the same organic, natural material all Benebones are, but instead is in more of a stick shape with rounded ends. In the center, there is a rubberized, circular grip that can hold another treat--such as a bully-stick--so that your dog spends more time occupied trying to free their prize, and then, even when they finally finish the treat in the center, they can still chew on the rest of the Benebone. They come in three sizes: small (up to 30 lbs), medium (up to 60 lbs), and large (up to 90 lbs). Like the other Benebones, they also come in different flavors: bacon, peanut, and chicken.

We got Bullett the bacon flavored PawPlexer, and started out by inserting elk jerky into the center. The center piece is extremely firm and it takes a little more work than expected to get a treat in there, which shows that this product is well made and it is doing its job of making your dog work harder for their treats. As expected, Bullett loved it; and we give Benebone another thumbs up for creating an awesome product.

If your dog is a power chewer, make sure the treat that goes in the center is one that can last a bit longer than something like elk jerky. We think that something more durable such as a braided bully stick or antler would be perfect for this toy. While Bullett did take longer to chew the elk jerky than usual, he has a soft mouth and it didn’t take him much work to finish off the treat. We tried a duck foot later on, and that took only a slightly longer time. With a dog that is a power chewer, we would imagine they would have gotten to that jerky in half the time. With that being said, with a price tag of $18.38 on, I think after this one we will go back to the regular bones as they are $11.59 and don’t require you to buy treats on top of it. We bought our first Benebone this past fall, and it took Bullett months to go through it. It’s still an awesome product, and we might get it again at some point, but I think this chew is better for dogs that chew a lot more than Bullett does.

Duck foot in Benebone, roughly one week of use.

Duck foot in Benebone, roughly one week of use.

You can get Benebones on or most pet retailers such as our local chain MadCat where we do most of our shopping. This product is still new so it is still in the process of being rolled out, but keep your eye out for it. If your dog needs to be occupied for hours and hours with something that can withstand a lot of chewing, then this product is perfect.


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