Puppies at a bar!

Yesterday afternoon, we found ourselves at BarleyPop Tap & Shop with plenty of delicious beers and plenty of puppies. Whoever came up with the idea to have rescue dogs come to a bar for a fundraiser is one brilliant marketer. The only hazard was that every time we go to one of these, Tobias and I risk adopting every single dog. Somehow, we have barely enough self-control and manage to not fill up our Honda CRV with a dozen furry canines.

In case you did not make it to Pints for Pup this time around, not to worry--Underdog has this event every month, typically at a different Madison area bar each time. If you aren’t in a position to adopt, the worst case scenario is that you get to hang out and pet with a bunch of dogs, and $1 for every beer you drink goes back to the rescue.

Below are a few furry friends that we met yesterday--some were getting adopted that day, others still searching, and a few were Underdog alumni that had come around for support.

If you aren’t in a position to adopt, please share this blog post, follow Underdog’s social media channels and share adoptable pets, or donate. You can also support Underdog through Amazon Smile. The products listed below are all on Underdog's donation wishlist.