Why did I rebrand myself AGAIN???

Emily Wayland: Brand Identity

Emily Wayland: Brand Identity

I’ve been a freelance creative for 7 years now, and looking back, I can’t help but laugh at how many times I’ve changed my focus as well as my branding. In the beginning, I just wanted to be a boutique wedding photographer, after that I wanted to be the Unicorn Queen boudoir photographer. Now? I don’t really know, I guess I’m open to anything but I also really love animals.

I feel as though I’ve always been good at branding myself, but in the past I’ve boxed myself into a space where I couldn’t grow and evolve with my brand. It would probably be strange for this very feminine, pastel, ethereal, trendy brand of a girl who shoots weddings and has feathers in her logo to suddenly make a monster sculpture. Not to mention, feathers were a thing in 2012 and it would have become dated very quickly. Remember that year when everyone put feathers in their hair? It almost seems like a blur.

I will also mention that rebranding myself confused people. I would get questions such as “Hey do you still shoot weddings?” or even “Hey do you still take pictures?” That last question was not one I liked to hear--did people think I gave up? I’ll definitely say that I stepped back on my business when I made the decision to go back to school and pursue a graphic design career, but I wanted to yell out “Hey, I’m not going anywhere! I’m still here!” If you slap a giant pink unicorn all over your website and marketing materials--it might be hard to see what is behind it (I did love that logo, though).

I’ve changed my business name three times. I started out as “Emily Bee Arts,” then I tried being “Scintilla Studio,” and then finally I just decided to be myself. This time, it comes with the fact that I got married and if you so choose, you may take another name. I love my new name, and I feel more like myself than ever. This new chapter feels more open and truthful to who I am, but I need to remember that we should never declare our last chapter as we are always growing.

Brands shift because people are changing and rebranding themselves all the time, and that’s okay. I’m happy that I’m at a place where I can shoot weddings, products, people, and animals; design logos, business cards, t shirts, and more; and blog, give back to causes I’m passionate about, go explore weird places, try my hand at blogging and online marketing--who knows what is out there that I have yet to discover?

If you are a freelancer or creative entrepreneur and would like more information about how to create your brand or continue to grow, market, and develop your brand, I reccomend the following resources:

Below is one of my favorite images from our wedding. I’m so excited to be Mrs. Wayland; even though I have felt like her for a long time.


The Girl in the Unicorn Pajamas aka Mrs. Wayland

Image credit: Sarah Mielke

Image credit: Sarah Mielke