Rosie & Evan’s Fall Lapham Peak Engagement Session - October, 2018 (Delafield, Wisconsin)

Weather in Wisconsin can be unpredictable, and the week leading up to this session had us fearing cold and rain. But that morning, after about 20 minutes of snow that didn’t stick, the sun came out just for Rosie and Evan. We went hiking at Lapham Peak in Delafield, Wisconsin to take advantage of this beautiful, blustery fall day. With us came their dog Buddy, who was happy to follow the many scent trails of the pine forest and spend the day with his two favorite people. It was a perfect day to be in nature, and the landscape’s aura was outmatched only by the glow of the soon-to-be newlyweds.  

Rosie and Evan met at a wedding and were engaged a year later in the same spot on their anniversary. They have a cat named Bandit, in addition to Buddy, and both fur babies are expert snugglers--perfect for when they’re just hanging out watching true crime documentaries. This adventurous duo love trying new food and any restaurant that serves a good old-fashioned; some of their favorites are Story Hill BKE, Red Light Ramen, and Odd Duck.

For the best viewing experience of these photographs, we recommend bundling up in a blanket with a cup of hot coffee; although these two clearly do not mind the cold (perhaps all that CrossFit they do together has toughened them up for Wisconsin winters). Stay tuned for their magical, wintry wedding this February.