Thankful for Kittens! (Free Emojis)

The “Coffee Shop” kittens that were hanging out at Underdog Pet Rescue’s Outreach Office for most of October have all found their forever homes! This means that the kitten room was ready for new feline friends, and they have arrived!

This unwanted litter of around 8-week-old kittens came from Adams County Humane Society in Friendship, Wisconsin. In coming to Madison, they made room for another litter of kittens at the shelter, thus more lives were saved. Although it is very hard to tell them apart, all of these kittens are sweet, friendly, playful, and loving and would be extremely thankful to be adopted into a home for the holidays. If you walk into the cat room at the office, within minutes all six of these little sweethearts will be on you asking for love. All were named for Thanksgiving, and despite how delicious some of their names sound, please do not eat the kittens.

Find a need to express yourself? These emojis of these adorable kittens are free for you to use to assist in your graciousness this holiday season. Who is who?


You can tell who this adorable little guy is by the black spot on his chin. Like his namesake, this little guy would venture far to a new world for his home. He will be as solid as Plymouth Rock while curling up on your lap with you on the couch while you watch Netflix.


Kittens probably don’t belong at the dinner table, but this cute little gal belongs in a loving home with an amazing family for many Thanksgivings to come. When she’s done climbing up your back, chasing virtual fish on your phone, wrestling her siblings and tackling boxes--she will cuddle with you and purr to no end.

Pumpkin Pie

As if the little “pie-slice”  triangular marking by his nose wasn’t enough, this loving boy’s name is fitting for he is as sweet as the dessert. He is peaceful, gentle (especially with his paws), and extremely affectionate. He simply wants to be held, cuddled, and loved. He gives it, therefore he deserves it.


He may not be a vegetarian, but he is an awesome little kitten who is silly, curious, and ready to play! This little boy has a very joyful energy that he expresses by climbing your back and giving kitten kisses accompanied by incessant purring. This little darling wants to be a part of your family, whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or omnivorous.

Sweet Potato

This adorable tater tot is looking for a warm and cozy home that she can snuggle up with her forever family in. She has a spirited, playful, and adventurous energy about her and wants to be wherever you are as she simply enjoys your company. This little nugget is as obviously sweet as her name, and if you brought her home she’d be so grateful.

Green Bean Casserole

This adventurous lover has a reputation for climbing onto your shoulders, into your hair, and even tries to climb into your mouth. She is a social butterfly that doesn’t know how goofy she is. She just wants to give her love in the most in-your-face way possible. She’s just a delight.

If you are interested in any of these wonderful kittens, please apply to adopt them at Underdog Pet Rescue. If you are not in a position to adopt please consider fostering, volunteering or donating. You may also support Underdog by shopping on Amazon Smile and/or purchasing and then donating the items on their wishlist (some are pictured below.)

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