Cat Care with the Underkittens

Recently, I began volunteering with Underdog Pet Rescue taking care of the cats being fostered in their Outreach Office.

I first became acquainted with the “Coffee Shop Litter.” This litter of brothers, one sister, and one adopted orphan brother, all came to Underdog on September 29th, which was National Coffee Day. All kittens were named after coffee shops in Madison.

Java Cat, Peet, and EVP were adopted into loving homes but Dunkin, Barriques, and Starbucky are wonderful little kitties still looking for families. Every kitten in that litter is friendly, playful, and looking for love. Also hanging out in the Underdog office is a sweet, senior Siamese FIV+ cat named Andy.

If you aren’t in a position to adopt, please share this blog post, follow Underdog’s social media channels and share adoptable pets, or donate. You can also support Underdog through Amazon Smile. The products listed below are all on Underdog's donation wishlist.