OurPets Whirling Wiggler Spinner Cat Toy (Product Review)


When I saw this toy on a shelf at Mad Cat, I just knew I had to get it for Eowyn for Christmas. She is quite the active and playful little kitty, so I knew that it would be great for keeping her occupied. She opened it Christmas day, we popped 3 AAA batteries in, and let it go for a spin. I was right, she loved it! Bullett started whining loudly on the couch as he watched her chase it going round and round. We permitted him to go check it out, and then hilarity ensued. Santa Paws had delivered an interactive toy that entertained the cat AND the dog.

The OurPets Whirling Wiggler Spinner Cat Toy was $15 at Mad Cat and is $12 on Amazon. The mechanism of the toy is supposed to simulate how real butterflies flutter around, which triggers the cat’s instincts to chase, play, and hunt. It certainly does its job! When this toy comes out, both pets come running. We even make Bullett sit and stay on the couch sometimes, because otherwise he tries to hog it.

This toy is well made as long as it isn’t played with too roughly. The butterflies are made from a thin-but-durable plastic material that isn't damaged by her claws or her teeth as she tries to catch it. It makes a soft, whirring sound but isn’t too noisy. My one complaint I have with this product is that I wish it had a suction cup or something to keep it secured to a surface at the base. Eowyn will often catch the butterflies and drag the toy with her, or it just gets knocked down onto its side from play. Nothing a ball of tape can’t fix, though.

Mad Cat on Williamson Street has a resident cat that is 16 years young and acts like a kitten around this toy. Cats need the stimulation and exercise that this toy can provide for them. Although this toy doesn’t require a lot of human interaction, it is very important that you make time to play with your cat; and this toy is certainly great for that.


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