What our Spoiled Cat and Dog got for Christmas (2017)


I grew up with cats, and my mother always had a small hand-knit stocking hanging near the fireplace near ours that read: “Cats like Christmas Too.” Santa Paws would always bring them treats or toys so they too could enjoy gifts with the family. This is something I’ve made sure becomes a part of our Holiday traditions, and of course, I make sure to spoil Bullett and Eowyn rotten by stuffing their stockings full with their favorite things as well as a couple of new items they might enjoy. We did almost all of our Holiday shopping at our local pet retailer, MadCat, but many of these are available elsewhere.


What did Bullett get?

Large Braided Bullystick: Despite how large and intimidating this bullystick was, he finished it within the afternoon on Christmas Eve. Bullysticks are made with bull phalluses (I know, I know) and are 100% natural and contain no chemicals or preservatives which make them completely safe for your dog and can keep them occupied for longer periods of time.

Elk Jerky: These are Bullett’s all-time-favorite treat. They are 100% natural and organic, and can be given as a whole stick or broken up into pieces.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Chicken Flavored Dog Treats: These treats are a staple in our household, and since they are so small they are perfect for training.

Squeaky Gingerbread man plush toy: Bullett has always preferred plush toys with his gentle mouth, so of course this festive toy with a squeaker was something that I knew he’d like. (Pictured below)

“Long dog” squeaky plush toy: Bullett’s not much for fetch, but this plush dog toy is something that is easy to throw or play tug with it if the mood occasionally strikes.

Christmas Dog Cookies: We found these at an exclusive pet-treat vendor Annie's Pooch Pops at the Oconomowoc Christmas Market. They look good enough for humans to eat! (Pictured below)



What did Eowyn get?

Orijen Original Cat Treats: For as much of a foodie as Eowyn is, I can tell that these are her favorite. They are made by the same company that makes both of our pets’ food, and are all-natural, organic, and contain no fillers. She enjoys clicker-training as she knows these are the reward everytime she is asked to perform a command (which is sit, come, and target).

Barnyarn catnip toys: These knit toys filled with catnip are handmade in Peru and come in a variety of styles. Eowyn received a Bart Simpson and Lizard for Christmas. She enjoys throwing them, catching them in the air, and batting them around the house.

Crinkle balls: Nothing keeps Eowyn busier than these mylar, foil balls. We bought them in bulk and filled her stocking with 36 of them. She’s good on these for a while (until they all end up underneath the furniture).

Catnip cigar: It’s a fabric cuban filled with catnip. Eowyn enjoys wrestling with it and batting it around the house, and Toby and I are entertained by our cat “getting high” and chewing on a catnip cigar. It’s extremely entertaining to watch.

OurPets Whirling Wiggler Spinner Interactive Cat Toy: This toy has two butterflies on a wire that spin around like a carousel as though they are actually fluttering. Funny enough, both Eowyn and Bullett get use from this interactive toy. Both try to catch and bat at the butterflies in the same way, and it’s adorable to see them play together in this way. We will for sure be doing an in-depth product review in the future.

The best part about Christmas was of course being home and spending a lot of time with our pets relaxing, and snuggling on the couch. Pets should always be a part of holiday traditions, as they are part of the family and give the same love that is given to them. These times are ones that we shouldn’t take for granted and cherish these moments as they fall only a couple times a year. We hope you and your fur-babies enjoyed the magic of your holiday!

Happy New Year,

~The Girl in the Unicorn Pajamas